Community building, not just fundraising

Strong PTA's = Better Schools

We believe that PTA’s and PTO’s play a crucial role in our education system and we’re committed to helping them achieve their mission. PTA’s and PTO’s create incredible opportunities for students and parents at our schools from enrichment to connections among our community. 

Although volunteering on a PTO is rewarding, we understand that it can also be challenging to hold a volunteer position. Our leadership team volunteers their time on a leadership board and we’re well aware of the difficulty of raising funds and keeping everyone engaged. This is why we created Classroom Genie. 

By making it easier for PTA’s to raise funds, we are able to support the amazing and valuable work that PTA’s do for our schools. Better PTA’s will create better opportunities for our children, parents, and our community to succeed. 

About Us

Our talented and experienced management team are all alumni of the University of Southern California and they are dedicated to serving their community. They met while serving on the Board of Directors for the USC Alumni Club of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, where they were named Volunteer Organization of the Year in 2012. There they fostered connections among USC alumni and they organized and participated in service projects which helped their local community. Following on their success, in 2014 they founded the USC Athletic Department’s Trojan Club of Los Angeles where they serve on the Executive Committee of its Board of Directors.


Rod Halimi

Rod is a former elementary school teacher who left teaching to share his techniques of teaching and motivating students with other educators. He conceptualized and contributed to the development of apps which enabled students to learn difficult math concepts using gamified techniques. Curious and creative, Rod is always looking for innovative ways to solve problems. He also volunteers numerous hours at his alma mater, the University of Southern California, where he is currently the President of the Trojan Club of Los Angeles.


Frank Raymond

Frank is an experienced business and real estate professional with investment experience in startups and real estate. He brings his strong business acumen and years of investing experience to our organization. He also volunteers his time with the Trojan Club of Los Angeles, serving as the Senior Vice President of Development.

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