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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of schools do you support?

We support teachers and students in all schools including:

  • Public
  • Charter
  • Independent
  • Private

Features and Benefits

What do I get with your service?

  • 10 minute setup with our streamlined campaign builder
  • People can easily view your campaign from their phones, tablets, and computers
  • Supporters can contribute to your campaign in minutes without the need to create an account
  • We provide you with a letter to the parents and marketing materials that are ready to be printed and distributed
  • Your campaign is ready to be emailed and shared across all of the major social media platforms
  • After the campaign we provide with the funds for your Amazon or Walmart items

Signing up is free

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Nope. It's free and we never ask you for any payment information. We charge supporters of your campaign only when they contribute to your campaign.

What happens when I sign up?

We simply create a campaign for you which you can run at any time. You are under no obligation to run it.

Dollars and Sense

How much do you charge?

There is no setup fee unlike other sites. We only have a nominal 10% fee.

We also have an estimated 3.5% credit card processing fee. When a campaign ends, our credit card processing fee is calculated at 2.9% of the amount raised plus 30 cents per transaction.

How do your fees work?

Our fees are assessed based on how much you have raised, not the total amount of the campaign. If you have a $100 campaign but you only raise $25, our fees are calculated for the $25 which was raised.

How do I receive my funds when my campaign completes?

We provide the funds to you with a gift card for the store you select

How big should I make my campaign?

Set a goal which you think is achievable. If this your first campaign, we suggest something small, such as $100 to $200.

Because you keep whatever you raise, you don't have to worry if you don't reach your goal but it will be more exciting for you and your backers if you reach your goal.

What is the minimum contribution amount?

Just $1.

Is the contribution amount tax deductible?

Because the items go directly to the classroom, the contributions are not tax deductible.

Is there a minimum campaign size?

Yes. $25 in items.

What happens if a funding campaign doesn't reach its goal?

You keep what you raise.

There is no penalty for not reaching your goal. You receive whatever you raised minus our fees. Unlike other services, if you had a goal of $100 in items but you only raised $75, you will still get what you raised minus our fees.

Or you may choose to extend the duration of your campaign so you can raise the full amount.

Can I receive a cash contribution?

Ideally all contributions should be made online, but if someone gives you cash rather than contributing online, you must make a contribution to your campaign yourself for the amount that they gave you.

What if I raise more than the goal amount?

What a great problem to have! You'll simply receive the full amount which you raised minus our fees.

General Questions

Can several classes work together to do a campaign?

Definitely. A group of classes or an entire school can join together to run a campaign.

Do students spend their time raising money?

No, a student’s job is to learn. Parents, teachers and the community spread the word to raise the money for the classroom's supplies.

What happens when a campaign reaches its goal?

We arrange for you to receive your gift card for the store which you select. This can take anywhere between 48 hours and a week depending on which store and delivery method you select.

Campaign Setup

Why is there already a campaign image and campaign text when I set up my campaign?

Your time is valuable so we do what we can to provide you with ways to launch your campaign as quickly and easily as possible.

This includes pre-filling your campaign with ready to go content that you can use as is or modify to fit your needs. For your campaign image, you can use the default image, select another image from our gallery, or upload your own image.

With the default campaign text, you’re free to use it as is, add or subtract text, or replace it entirely.

What are “Campaign Text Templates”?

We not only provide you with completed default campaign text to start your campaign, we also provide you with several versions to choose from.

We also provide quotes about education that you can toss in wherever you want.

Student Privacy

How do you protect student privacy?

To protect student privacy, no identifiable student information may be included in the campaign. This includes both names as well as any photographs that show any student’s face (unless the students are far away enough so they are not easily identifiable).


Are the stock images free to use?

Yes! You may use any of our stock campaign images for free.

Why do you provide free stock images?

Because your time is valuable. You are more than welcome to upload your own image, but for many campaigns a custom image is not necessary. Toss up a stock image and continue with your day.

What are the rules for uploading a photograph?

You may upload photographs as long as they do not have any identifying information about your students, such as their names or faces.

Can I change my image after I start my campaign?

You cannot change your image yourself. Please contact us and we can change it for you.