Terms of service

We keep things simple, including our terms of service

By submitting a campaign, you (a teacher) agree to the following terms and conditions:

You are a teacher

Our service is only for teachers at schools including:

  • Public
  • Charter
  • Independent
  • Private

Delivery of items

  • You must confirm that you are a teacher before items are shipped. Confirmation occurs when you confirm your email address at your school.
  • If we are unable to verify your email address, we may call the phone number listed in your account to verify that you are a teacher.
  • We only ship to schools. We cannot not ship to a residence.
  • Items are shipped after a campaign has ended. A campaign ends when the end date has passed or if you manually end a campaign.

Information collected

In order to run a campaign, we require the following information from you:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address at his school
  • Phone number
  • School information including - school name, school address, and grade level

This information is for the purpose of setting up your campaign, contacting you with questions or helpful information regarding your campaign, and for shipping items to your school.

Information displayed

By default, only your last name, and your classroom's city and state, and grade level is displayed publicly.

Any additional information included in a campaign is at your discretion and we assume no responsibility for the display of this additional information.


We provide stock images to be used in your campaign.

You may upload your own image for your campaign. However, uploaded photographs cannot contain any identifying information about students, such as their names or faces and it should be in accordance with the policies of your school or institution.

We reserve the right to remove and replace any photo we deem inappropriate.

We do not assume responsibility for any custom photos used or uploaded.

Campaign contributions

Contributions to your campaign are applied to the total of your campaign which includes the items you selected for your campaign and any applicable sales tax, service fees, and shipping.

Contributions made to your campaign are non-transferrable. They are only for your campaign and they cannot be transferred or applied to a different campaign.

If you raise more than your goal, you must select additional items or increased gift card amounts up to the total amount raised.

If you do not reach your goal, you can select which items to receive based on your total contributions. Any applicable sales tax, shipping, and service fees will be adjusted to the items you select.

Changing Items

You cannot change your items after your campaign has started except in special circumstances. Contact us if you need to make any changes once your campaign has begun.

Student Privacy

We take student privacy very seriously.

To protect student privacy, no identifiable student information may be included in the campaign. This includes both names as well as any photographs that show any student’s face (unless the students are far away enough so they are not easily identifiable).

It is your responsibility to ensure that your campaign is in accordance with the privacy standards at your school.

Campaigns which are found to violate student privacy are subject to cancellation.

Campaign size

The minimum campaign size is $20 worth of items and gift cards. This does not include any applicable sales tax, service fees, or shipping.

Campaign cancellation

If you want to cancel your campaign, please contact us for assistance. We will refund all backers the amount which they contributed less any payment processing fees which have already been incurred.

Returns and exchanges

We are unable to accept returns on any goods or items purchased through our service.

We do not accept exchanges except on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

In the event of an exchange, Classroom Genie is not responsible for the cost of shipping an items back to us.


Items you receive through Classroom Genie are subject to the warranty terms and conditions extended to the owner or user by the manufacturer and Classroom Genie does not provide any additional warranty for items, express or implied.

You, teachers, students and all others who use products provided by our service release Classroom Genie of all liability in the use of products sold through our service.

These terms and conditions and subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right to cancel any campaign for any reason.