Fall School Supply Bundles And Year Round School Supplies Delivered to Parent

And your PTA/PTO gets a percentage of every purchase

Save parents money and get your projects funded

Call Us 7 Days a Week
8 AM to 7 PM (PST)

Easy for Parents and PTA's


PTA's let parents know about the option to buy school supplies.


Parents place orders on our website.


We deliver the bundles to the parents and the PTA raises money.

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Raise thousands of dollars without selling anything

Effortless fundraising for PTA's. Easier and cheaper for parents.

PTA projects get funded

Quality products from our partners such as Office Depot

Parents get low prices

Call Us 7 Days a Week
8 AM to 7 PM PST

Your own storefront
operated by us

Wishes being granted

Art supplies at Lincoln Elementary
A carnival for the students at Emerson Elementary‚Äč
A field trip for students at 1st St. Elementary

Make a difference to your child's future

Free offer for PTA's

Free Office Depot Discount Card For PTA’s
[This will be changed to a different element] We can send you a discount card that gives you discounts on copies and purchases at Office Depot. Free with no obligations.

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